We offer a range of framing options for Scott’s Images. Click the link below or scroll down for more information.


We offer acrylic face mounting for all of Scott’s limited edition prints. This technique provides an amazing finish, giving the appearance that the print is floating behind a piece of glass (once hung in frame).  We offer a choice of a 2 inch acrylic border around the image or no border at all.


Artwork is mounted to the back of high-grade acrylic giving it an unbeatably crystal-clear, three dimensional feel as the picture is seen thru the acrylic.  It is both UV-protected and scratch-resistant giving acrylic artwork a look that is as durable as it is unique.  A 0.125” black, acid-free board is provided on the back of Standard Acrylic mount to fully encase and protect face mounted artwork.

To accentuate the dimensionality of artwork, a cleat hanging system is applied to the backside of the acrylic for mounting.

Material:   0.1875” Art-Grade, UV Protected, and Scratch-Resistant acrylic

Surface Finish Options:   0.1875” Art-Grade, UV Protected, and Scratch-Resistant acrylic

Hanging System Options: None


This technique offers a distinctive approach to display artwork in a highly durable and lightweight presentation indoor or outdoor.  Artwork is mounted to a thin, rigid piece of aluminum and coated with a durable, UV-protected and moisture-resistant finish.  The edges are straight and the silvery color of the thin aluminum is exposed.

There are a variety of hanging systems and presentation methods to choose from.  A 1” deep aluminum float backing with keyholes create a float effect.  To mount an Alumamount closer to the wall, an aluminum keyhole system is employed; a ¼” deep keyhole system is added to the back to keep the Alumamount near flush to the wall.

Alumamounts offer a smooth,  satin, UV-protected, and moisture-resistant finish, Alumamounts eliminate the need for glass or backing boards when framing artwork.

Material:  Recyclable, eco-friendly aluminum.

Surface Finish Options: Satin

Edge:  Straight with Aluminum Finish


All of Scott’s open and limited edition photograph’s are also available as archival canvas prints.

Fabulous from every angle.

Ready to hang, frame-free, the moment you receive it.

Mounted 1.5” deep.

Sealed with 100+ year archival UV topcoat.


Deluxe framing is available for all prints. Deluxe Framing is museum grade framing with the best possible quality materials used. All prints are mounted on archival back board and face mounted to acrlic which offers a perfect flat finish for the paper it’s printed on. Our acrylic is completely colourless and features 92% visibility which reduces glare and offers the best possible presentation of your print.  It also blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to weather, temperature & humidity changes resulting in the best possible archival-life.

Deluxe framed prints can be shipped anywhere across in the Usa or World-wide. Please note that significant packaging is required to protect your investment while in transit. Contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

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