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La Jolla's Temple

In 2007 I was looking for a creative outlet from my stressful creative service’s gig with KFMB in San Diego. I’ve always been creative one way or another and had a deep appreciation for Art. I can’t draw, paint or build anything without it looking like a six year old did it. So I decided to try out photography. What the heck, right. It was pretty obvious after a couple of weeks I was obsessed. My personality leans to a all or nothing kind of direction and reading manuals aren’t in the cards. The best way for me to learn is to fail. I started by photographing the ocean in La Jolla in the mornings. Soon later I was photographing in the morning and the evenings everyday. After 6 months of failing “La Jolla’s temple came to life. It changed my life and the reason I’m a self-taught professional landscape photographer now. La Jolla’s temple is my best seller to date. “La Jolla’s temple” looks best at 32 x 48 with the Giclee museum mount. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.

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There’s something special about being on top of a mountain surrounded by these giant Aspens. I’ve been searching for this image for a couple of years but it’s been difficult to find so many Aspens grouped together. "Cloned” is a limited edition of only 300 gallery prints and looks best at 36 x 75 with the Aluma museum mount. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.

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Old Naple

The first time I saw what was left of this old pier, I knew this was a shot I couldn’t leave without. Mother Nature was dumping rain on me for nearly eight days. Each of those days gave me pause to witness changing compositions and light at different times. On the seventh day a contrast developed with the darker blues in the sky and the aqua blue of the gulf at the edge of Florida. The goal was to have that smooth almost zen water feel to showcase the blues presenting my signature shot were you feel you are standing right there with me in this captured moment. “Old Naple” is a limited edition of only 300 fine art prints. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.

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Two Lights

Portland Head Lighthouse is located in Portland, Maine and was the first lighthouse completed by the United States government. The government set aside $750.00 for a lighthouse at Portland Head in 1787, but the project would not be completed until the First Congress passed the Lighthouse act in 1789, which placed lighthouses under control for the federal government. Portland Head Lighthouse was the first lighthouse completed under the act, after Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton allocated a sum not exceeding $1500.00 in August of 1790 to finish the lighthouse on Portland Head. 

I spent 7 mornings and 7 evenings waiting for perfect light so I could do this historic lighthouse justice. I’m not one to spend so much time at one location, but felt the potential would be incredible if I was patient with it. There is something so special about being around the ocean, by yourself, in complete darkness, anticipating the perfect moment, while listening to a soundtrack of crashing waves. I personally love the color tones, especially in the ocean and how the rocks and sky are somehow working together in texture.  “Two Lights”, is a limited edition print of only 300 images. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.

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Walk The Plank

The conditions were less than perfect but expected during this time of year in southern California. The locals refer it to “Grey May”. Scott waited several hours for some type of break in the sky. Luckily, after several hours he was given a 10 minute window to bring his vision to life.

"Walk the Plank is a limited edition of only 300 gallery prints and looks best at 20 x 40 with the Acrylic museum mount. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.

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That Darn Barn

If you’re from Nebraska you’ve probably seen it on your way to Lincoln. It’s located off of i-80 and highway 370. When visiting  family in Omaha April 2008 my passion for photography was growing. I spent 3 days photographing “That Darn Barn” and took over 1500 pictures. This particular morning it was overcast and raining. I packed up my gear and headed towards my car.  As I was putting my gear away the clouds started to break so I unpacked and headed back to my spot with a brisk run. To me the cloud pattern really brings the barn to life. I have not returned to photograph “That Darn Barn” Looks best at 24 x 36 with the Aluma museum mount. Photo © copyright by Scott Papek.