Ocean Art

Scott Papek releases: Seabed La Jolla Shoreline, San Diego, California

It has been said that the best art is created from pain. I never followed that path. My art comes from things I seek. When I first started this journey, photography provided a path to escape a stressful, energy-draining job and stay creative. While on this chosen path, I learned much about myself, ultimately transforming my life forever. Although time continues to go by, the feeling has never changed. Photography is my safe spot, and the place where I feel most at home. To buy ocean art please click here

Scripps Pier in Lajolla

Scott has spent many hours around the Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California. He is drawn to the pier because every visit is different. Between the tide, weather, and time of day, the view is never the same. This particular evening, Scott was enjoying a rare moment in having the pier all to himself. The sun had just dipped behind the ocean. As he continuously clicked the shutter, he captured this perfect moment when the sand, sea, and sky became one. Please click here for sizing and more info.



La Jolla’s Temple (pronounced La Hoya) was my very first shot. It is the single reason I’ve dedicated my life to capturing beauty and remains my number one seller among collectors. A morning low tide in 2008 offered a rare opportunity to go where few have gone presenting this timeless composition. Just minutes later “Gateway” emerged with similar serendipity. “Gateway is a Limited Edition of only 50 prints and can be viewed here

La Jolla Point

La Jolla Hangout

Scott Papek Fine Art releases, “La Jolla Point”

San Diego California. Limited edition of 300.

La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) is my favorite place to shoot holding my attention along a few miles of coastline for four years. As my training grounds, this atmosphere became the savior to my soul inspiring my transition from 15 years in the music industry. You would think shooting in a specific area for so long would amount to a portfolio of images. Less than 20 emerged as I learned to balance the spirit of this majestic yet powerful coastline with patience toward perfection. I am not referring to technical perfection, rather a perfect representation of the true and enduring spirit of this American surf for you to enjoy for a lifetime. For more info please click here.


Everything in it’s Right Place


Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head and you find yourself thinking about it, or God forbid, singing it over and over?  Remember, “Chumbawamba”? It can be pretty annoying at times. I also have the problem of getting images stuck in my head and I can’t shut them out of my mind. Sometimes it’s a photo I haven’t taken yet or sometimes it is one I have. Some days I’ll look at it several times and other times weeks go by and I don’t think about it.

Images to me are songs. Today I was getting stuff ready in the gallery before we opened and Radiohead’s, “Everything in It’s Right Place”, came on.  I immediately connected to it and turned the volume up. It was such a great moment to just sit there and enjoy a song I’ve heard a 100 times but it just sounded different today. I couldn’t get this image out of my mind during that moment.

My question to you is when you see this image what song comes to mind?

Everything in it’s Right Place was taken in San Diego around La Jolla Cove. I’m only printing five of  “Everything in Its Right Place”.  To view go here.

The Perfect Moment


Have you ever experienced the perfect moment? The perfect moment for me is when everything around you is working in such a way that it might never happen again. I know when the perfect moment is surrounding me because the goose bumps appear and I hope it never ends. The light, the color, the reflection, the breeze, the smell and sound. I’m glad my friend on the left rock experienced it with me. The Perfect Moment is a limited edition of only 50 prints and can be viewed here.

Classic Southern California

Classic Southern Californiablog

Scott Papek Presents “Classic Southern California”

Imperial Beach is the most southwesterly city in the continental United States. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean and South San Diego Bay the town is nestled between miles of uncrowded beaches, big surf and unparalleled open space and wetlands teeming with wildlife. Because Imperial Beach is one of the of the last untouched beach towns in Southern California, it is known as Classic Southern California.

Imperial Beach Photography

About the Shot: Walking up and down the shoreline looking for the best way to represent this beautiful pier, I was drawn to the middle patterns. If you moved a little to the left or right the patterns would get lost. After a good 2 hours the tripod was in place, buried 2 inches in the sand to eliminate any camera movement. There is a moment right before or right after the sun sinks where the colors are the most vibrant, in this case minutes before the sun dipped into the ocean. There are so many little things I’m drawn to in “Classic Southern California”. It could easily be mistaken as a painting, the patterns within the pier, fisherman on top, the pattern in the sun from the piers pillars and the yellow reflection in the foreground on the smooth Pacific Ocean.

“CLASSIC SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA”  is a limited edition of only 300 gallery prints. Find out more here