West Glacier Hiking

Bridge over Calm Water

Glacier National Park is one of Scott’s favorite locations due to its gorgeous scenery and abundant water. This capture reflects his first visit to West Glacier, a less-populated area of the park. Realizing he had the entire location to himself, Scott enjoyed a cup of coffee, watched the sunrise, and then decided to stay longer. He will never forget the wow factor, pure joy, and Zen he felt each time he snapped the shutter. The photography opportunity is endless. Go Explore and get your hiking and camping in.  Click here for more info.

Fall color photography

Fall color photography

Scott Papek presents “Still Reflections”

Some people hunt animals, others hunt for bargains, and even more hunt for happiness. Scott, on the other hand, hunts to capture the beauty of nature. With a Massachusetts autumn comes misty, cool days: a perfect time to shoot. As Scott hiked into the Middle Reservoir, he was uncertain of what he would find ahead. Little did he know that he was about to step into one of the most spectacular scenes he has ever experienced. In this photo, Scott effectively captures a collaboration of mood and color that showcases New England’s stunning beauty as it is reflected in the stillness of the water. To buy click here

bare wall

I was contacted by a lawyer’s office in Omaha looking to add some Zen to their space. They had two walls but were having a tough time narrowing down the selection from my portfolio. This happens pretty often and through trial and error I’ve came up with a pretty solid solution. Invite me to your office; let me interview you to find out what your goal is and who is your customer. This process can really narrow down the selection. I will snap a picture of your wall and create mockups so you can see what the completed installation will look like. I especially love the water series they chose for the conference room. Please contact the design team here