Kennebunkport Maine

There are several reasons why Maine is a dream location for Scott. Its diverse landscape offers natural beauty that includes mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, and the Atlantic Ocean. On a recent photographic journey, Scott was returning from a 4:43 a.m. ocean sunrise when he drove through Kennebunkport and noticed three boats in the distance. Once he found the perfect spot to shoot, he became mesmerized by the boats and their reflections in the glass-like water. As the boats slowly drifted in different directions, they continuously offered different perspectives. Blessed with a low tide and calm seas, Scott spent two hours capturing a moment he will never forget

The Drift is a limited edition of 15 images and can be viewed here.

Mountain Shack

Montana Barns

While journeying on Highway 35 in Montana in June 2015, Scott was thrilled to find a rare treat approximately 100 miles south of Glacier National Park: an abandoned barn in the mountains. Within his photo that exquisitely captures living within the beauty of Earth and evokes curiosity about the personal stories of who built the barn and once lived nearby, Scott leaves it to your imagination to envision the scenery above the barn. The majestic mountain backdrop provides a gentle reminder about the power and beauty of nature. BUY NOW by clicking here.

Fall into the season

A touch of Fall


Scott Papek Presents “FALL INTO THE SEASON”

What is better than a warm fall day? How about a warm fall day surrounded by color in the mountains? I don’t take the places I travel to and see for granted. There is so much color, character and beauty all around these United States. Thank you for being part of my obsession and journey. Fall into the season is a Limited Edition of only 300 prints and can be viewed here.

Nature’s Art

                                              SCOTT PAPEK PRESENTS  “NATURE’S ART”

“Nature’s Art” is a limited edition of only 300 prints and captured in eastern Idaho October 22, 2012.

I  envisioned this shot 2 years ago and was finally able to bring my imagination to life with some luck and persistence. I would give anything in the world to be a painter but unfortunatley my brain and hands don’t understand the concept. When picking up a camera 5 years ago it made instant sense to me and has given me a way to paint in another format.
The technique is placing your camera on a tripod in portrait mode, slow down the shutter speed and move the camera up and down during the shot. Just like all long exposure shots you never know what you are going to get. You could say this image is very different from my other work but what’s inside me is all the same.      [pinterest-pro type=”pinit” pin_url=”” pin_image_url=”” pin_counter=”horizontal” pin_desc=”Veritcle Abstract by Scott Papek Photography”]

Happy Easter

May your day be filled with family, color and candy. Happy Easter from Scott Papek. 


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“TAOS” Limited Edition Print

Scott Papek photography travels to Taos, New Mexico to capture a limited edition gallery print.


The Rio Grande flows out of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains in Colorado and journeys 1,900 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. It passes through 800-foot chasms of the Rio Grande Gorge, a wild and remote area of northern New Mexico. The canyon provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities, luring fishermen, hikers, artists, and whitewater boating enthusiasts. In 1968, the Rio Grande and Red River were among the first eight rivers Congress designated into the National Wild and Scenic River System to protect outstanding resources values.

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“Morning Glow” Limited Edition Print


As the sun first hits the mountain range in White Sands it adds a vibrant glow for a very short time. The glow effect disappears after a few short minutes.

Before sunrise, I was looking for a composition and was drawn into the patterns within the sand. I was not expecting the first light effect on the mountain range.

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