Kennebunkport Maine

There are several reasons why Maine is a dream location for Scott. Its diverse landscape offers natural beauty that includes mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, and the Atlantic Ocean. On a recent photographic journey, Scott was returning from a 4:43 a.m. ocean sunrise when he drove through Kennebunkport and noticed three boats in the distance. Once he found the perfect spot to shoot, he became mesmerized by the boats and their reflections in the glass-like water. As the boats slowly drifted in different directions, they continuously offered different perspectives. Blessed with a low tide and calm seas, Scott spent two hours capturing a moment he will never forget

The Drift is a limited edition of 15 images and can be viewed here.

Two Lights

Two Lights

Portland Head Lighthouse is located in Portland, Maine and was the first lighthouse completed by the United States government. The government set aside $750.00 for a lighthouse at Portland Head in 1787, but the project would not be completed until the First Congress passed the Lighthouse act in 1789, which placed lighthouses under control for the federal government. Portland Head Lighthouse was the first lighthouse completed under the act, after Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton allocated a sum not exceeding $1500.00 in August of 1790 to finish the lighthouse on Portland Head.

I spent 7 mornings and 7 evenings waiting for perfect light so I could do this historic lighthouse justice. I’m not one to spend so much time at one location, but felt the potential would be incredible if I was patient with it. There is something so special about being around the ocean, by yourself, in complete darkness, anticipating the perfect moment, while listening to a soundtrack of crashing waves. I personally love the color tones, especially in the ocean and how the rocks and sky are somehow working together in texture.  “Two Lights”, is a limited edition print of only 300 images and can be purchased here.