Antelope Slot Canyons

Scott Papek releases, “Angel Heart”

Within the ever-changing landscape of Northern Arizona’s Navajo land lies two popular slot canyons, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. No one knows exactly when the Antelope Canyon was first discovered. According to older Navajos, entering the canyon was once like crossing the threshold of a cathedral. In order to be in the right frame of mind, they would most likely pause before walking I, preparing for protection and respect. This moment of reflection probably allowed the Navajo to leave with uplifting insight into what Mother Nature has to offer all of us, and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves. Please click here for more info


Zen Photography

I was inspired to release “Zen” per a conversation I had with a woman who was in my gallery last week.  She collects Fine Art Photography and I was curious to know what type of Nature Photography she connected with. She connects to color and not necessarily the scene. Wow, that took me back to my previous career in the music business. Men for the most part don’t listen to lyrics, we like songs because of the beat or the instrumental part.

Lewis River runs through Oregon and dumps into Lower Lewis Falls. I wasn’t feeling the waterfall so I began my hike up the river to see if I could find something that would inspire me. Well, I definitely found something inspiring and that was the sound of smooth running water, with blues, greens and different colors going on in the river rocks. Love, Love, Love the blues and greens in this shot.  “Zen” is a limited edition print and can be viewed here.