Kennebunkport Maine

There are several reasons why Maine is a dream location for Scott. Its diverse landscape offers natural beauty that includes mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, and the Atlantic Ocean. On a recent photographic journey, Scott was returning from a 4:43 a.m. ocean sunrise when he drove through Kennebunkport and noticed three boats in the distance. Once he found the perfect spot to shoot, he became mesmerized by the boats and their reflections in the glass-like water. As the boats slowly drifted in different directions, they continuously offered different perspectives. Blessed with a low tide and calm seas, Scott spent two hours capturing a moment he will never forget

The Drift is a limited edition of 15 images and can be viewed here.

Give your space some love

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Delivering prints to collector’s home or business is such a highlight for me. How cool is the wavy wall. On the fence about a Papek print fitting in your home? Send a picture of your wall today! Our designer will supply a mockup so you can see just what it will look like. For a free consultation click here
Papek Gallery is located in the Westroads Mall in Omaha.


Go With the Flow

Flordia Ocean Photography

There are many things about Landscape Photography that make so much sense to me but I have to say one of my favorites is the not knowing. You can plan this and plan that but so many different elements have to come together for it to feel right. This shot is a perfect example of the not knowing,  I’m standing in the dark at a location I had never seen before wondering is this the day Mother Nature will share some of her color.  If she gives me at least a chance I will connect with whatever is in front of me and do her proud. For sizing and pricing go here

Anglins Pier first opened on November 24, 1963. It has been, and still is today, an important part of the City, Lauderdale by the Sea, offering tourists and fishermen a great time.


punta cana photography


noun: symphony; plural noun: symphonies

1. an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form.

  • historical

an orchestral interlude in a large-scale vocal work.

  • something regarded, typically favorably, as a composition of different elements.

There are so many different elements in this shot but at the same time all working together unrehearsed or directed. For more info visit here

The Gate to Eternity

The Gate to Eternity Fine Art Photography

I knew this Sea Cave was a must shot for me but wasn’t sure if a high tide would ruin my vision. The tide was even better than I had expected. In my mind the shot had to represent a sacred gate that leads to anywhere you want it to. By slowing down my shutter speed on my camera, it allowed me to create the misty entrance to The Gate To Eternity. To see more view here

Natures Color

Colorado Aspens

The other day I was giving a presentation on my work and someone asked me what was my favorite part about being a Landscape Photographer. I’ve never been asked before but it wasn’t a hard answer. It’s the search to find something different, colorful, meaningful and peaceful. More times than not, it’s about getting into my car and drive with no expectations. There is so much out there that hasn’t been touched and I feel like it’s my responsibility to expose it. Nature’s Color was around Crested Butte, Colorado. To view sizing and pricing click here