Explore Utah in a week

DISCLAIMER: It’s sneaky hot and the altitude is as high at 10k. I got myself in a little trouble not having enough water on one of my hikes. Please have backups of water and protein bars! I don’t know everything so please just use this part of your research.

If you fly into Phoenix, Las Vegas or Salt Lake I would use the same route.

This is based on a 5-7 day trip.

Start in Page, Arizona.

Famous slot canyons. Upper and lower canyon.
Note: There are no unguided tours. The canyons are located on Navajo Nation property.

Best times to shoot. Upper Canyon 11am-2p, Lower Canyon, early morning. If you have the choice to start at north or south choose north.

Upper canyon can be really crowded. I paid for the photography tour which definitely benefited me when the light started to pop through. There were people actually fighting behind me trying to get closer. For upper, the light only pops through the canyon in the summer months when the sun is at it’s highest peak. Please call the guides to make sure your trip lines up with those time lines.

Don’t forget to get up extra early and head to Horseshoe Bend.

Next head to The wave: Vermillion cliffs.
It’s impossible to get in if you don’t book a reservation way in advance.




Bryce Canyon:
Well worth the visit. Get there for sunrise and do the hike in the hoodoos before it gets warm.





Willis Creek Slot! I loved this canyon. I hiked it an never saw a human.
Willis Creek Trailhead – From Mount Carmel Junction, follow US Highway 89 north, to Glendale, Utah. Make a right turn on 300 North, also called the Bench Road. It’s directly across the highway from the Buffalo Bistro. Travel the graded dirt Glendale Bench Road (road #600) for 15 miles to a marked junction in the road. There is a kiosk at the junction with a map and other information. The road goes in two directions from the Glendale Bench Road. One road is the Johnson Canyon Road and the other is the Skutumpah Road (road #500). Take Skutumpah Road. It’s 14 miles on Skutumpah Road to the Lick Wash Trailhead. To find Willis Creek continue down Skutumpah Road 11.8 miles past the Lick Wash trailhead. There are two parking areas for Willis Creek. The trail starts on the opposite side of the road from the registration box.

Where the locals like to go to get away from tourists.
There are a few slot canyons such as Zebra, Peek-A-Boo and Spooky. It’s endless what you can hike and see here.


Always be aware of the weather conditions and never enter a slot canyon during stormy weather. Although flash floods can happen anytime of the year, hiking in July, August, and September carries the greatest risk. Do NOT drive the road in the rain, it can be very sketchy. Clay and mud on this road are a major issue if it rains, and ya you’ll be 26.2 miles from the pavement if you do get stuck, the identical distance of a marathon.

Always hike with plenty of water in the desert and keep an extra supply of water and food in your car. Let someone know when you leave and when you are to return. Watch for rattlesnakes!

bare wall

I was contacted by a lawyer’s office in Omaha looking to add some Zen to their space. They had two walls but were having a tough time narrowing down the selection from my portfolio. This happens pretty often and through trial and error I’ve came up with a pretty solid solution. Invite me to your office; let me interview you to find out what your goal is and who is your customer. This process can really narrow down the selection. I will snap a picture of your wall and create mockups so you can see what the completed installation will look like. I especially love the water series they chose for the conference room. Please contact the design team here

Fall into the season

A touch of Fall


Scott Papek Presents “FALL INTO THE SEASON”

What is better than a warm fall day? How about a warm fall day surrounded by color in the mountains? I don’t take the places I travel to and see for granted. There is so much color, character and beauty all around these United States. Thank you for being part of my obsession and journey. Fall into the season is a Limited Edition of only 300 prints and can be viewed here.

Serene Gathering

For 3 years, the Aspen leaves of Colorado have been taunting me.  But I persevered until I finally captured the peak of foliage.  The leaves of gold whispered in the wind, mimicking the sound of ocean waves from far away.  One of my collectors encouraged me to release this picture.  Listening to his words brought me back to the 3 days of waiting, 3 days of standing in 70 degree weather, 3 days of feeling the breeze wash over me, wash over the leaves until I was finally able to capture the perfect moment, the perfect lighting, the perfect yellow vibrant leaves of the Colorado Aspen.

“Serene Gathering.”  It is a limited edition of only 300 prints and looks best on the Aluma Museum Mount. For more info please go here

Nebraska Spring Storm

Nebraska spring storm

<p>A really nasty spring storm in Nebraska turns into pure beauty. There are so many colors, textures, formations, and if that wasn’t enough, a rainbow. My favorite part of the image is the two different sky colors. Each side tells a different story. The orange side to me is very peaceful and the blue side has so much energy and feels alive. “Nebraska Spring Storm” is a Limited Edition of only 50 images available. For sizing and pricing please go here