West Glacier Hiking

Bridge over Calm Water

Glacier National Park is one of Scott’s favorite locations due to its gorgeous scenery and abundant water. This capture reflects his first visit to West Glacier, a less-populated area of the park. Realizing he had the entire location to himself, Scott enjoyed a cup of coffee, watched the sunrise, and then decided to stay longer. He will never forget the wow factor, pure joy, and Zen he felt each time he snapped the shutter. The photography opportunity is endless. Go Explore and get your hiking and camping in.  Click here for more info.

Serene Gathering

For 3 years, the Aspen leaves of Colorado have been taunting me.  But I persevered until I finally captured the peak of foliage.  The leaves of gold whispered in the wind, mimicking the sound of ocean waves from far away.  One of my collectors encouraged me to release this picture.  Listening to his words brought me back to the 3 days of waiting, 3 days of standing in 70 degree weather, 3 days of feeling the breeze wash over me, wash over the leaves until I was finally able to capture the perfect moment, the perfect lighting, the perfect yellow vibrant leaves of the Colorado Aspen.

“Serene Gathering.”  It is a limited edition of only 300 prints and looks best on the Aluma Museum Mount. For more info please go here

Scott Papek Limited Edition Print Release “ZENITH”

Scott Papek Limited Edition Print Zenith, White Sands, New Mexico

Scott Papek Photography is proud to announce another limited edition print to the family.  Let’s welcome, “ZENITH”. Zenith was captured in the White Sands Park in New Mexico at 5:43 AM.  On this morning I had set up an early arrival with the Game and Parks.  You pay them $50.00 an hour and they open the gates for you at any time.  The hike to my scouted location was 1.1 miles with the help of my Garmin hand-held GPS.  It’s easy to get disoriented when you are surrounded with white rolling hills and on top of that throw in complete darkness!
I adore Zenith and, hopefully, you do too.

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