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Scott Papek has always been creative; he just wasn’t sure how to cultivate that creativity.  As a south Omaha native, he attended Assumption Grade School and graduated from Gross High School.  After graduation, Scott attended college on a part-time basis while he tried to figure out what to do with his life.

Scott says a defining moment for him was in 1991 when he bought a Pearl Jam cd.  That purchase totally changed his life and he made the decision to become a part of the music industry.  He began interning at 101.9, The Edge in Omaha and while that station went under, Scott’s career didn’t.  He landed gigs in Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego.

While living in San Diego he worked as a Creative Services Director for a company that ran two radio stations.   In 2008, while the economy began to dive, the pressure for Scott became unbearable and he began looking for a creative outlet.  He bought a camera and got up at 5:00 AM every morning to take pictures of the ocean.  He admits that while his mind had no idea what to do, his soul did and after six months of daily photography, he took and amazing shot titled “La Jolla’s Temple” and his life was forever changed.

For Scott, photography is storytelling.  He explains that photography is a really competitive business.  Today, with IPhones and Instigrams, most people can make a picture look good, but Scott explains that photography isn’t about the latest and greatest gear or the camera you own, it is about telling a story.  “A camera doesn’t take a picture, a person takes a picture”, Scott says.  “I love to tell stories and I believe if you spend enough time with a person or landscape you can find beauty anywhere, anytime”.

Scott is a self-taught photographer.  His training consisted of being relentless and from failing.  While some people have difficulty with failure, Scott finds it inspiring and motivating.  He hates to lose and does not like to be told that he can’t do something.  Those words create a challenge for him.

Scott’s advice for his neighbors is to do what you love.  He says “if you’re working in a career you are not passionate about, STOP!  Thank you for sharing, Scott, we look forward to watching you continue in your journey.